What everybody ought to know about Premature Ejaculation


Just upon hearing the term “premature ejaculation”, most men will get cold sweat or feel shivers down their spine. When it comes to sex, not being able to last long enough in bed is pretty much every man’s worst nightmare and it can have some pretty nasty effects on aspects of their lives other than sex. The funny thing however is that although most men are “afraid” of premature ejaculation, they know very little about this problem. This is because sexual performance is very important to men and if they think that something is wrong with their sexual prowess or that their performance in the sack is not up to par, they choose to not tell anyone about it.

With that being said, there are a lot of questions that men have about early ejaculation, but they are afraid to ask them, lest people think that they actually are premature ejaculators themselves (I think we can all agree that nobody falls for the old “Well, a good friend of mine…” trick any more!). Well, this article is here to answer all the questions that men have about PE and they are afraid to ask! Let’s start with the fundamentals!

What exactly is premature ejaculation, anyway?

Most men think that a premature ejaculator is a man that can’t last for several minutes or as long as his favorite adult entertainment star in bed. This is a huge misconception. According to doctors and other experts, a man can be classified as an early ejaculator if he CONSISTENTLY climaxes before he or his partner or both are sexually satisfied.

There has to be some sort of time limit though, right?

Well, there is and there isn’t. Although when one feels sexually satisfied is something very personal, it is widely accepted that if a man CONSISTENTLY lasts less than two minutes in bed, then he has a premature ejaculation problem.

Why do you always write the word “consistently” in all caps?

This is to catch your attention! If a man “underperforms” once or twice, then he doesn’t have a PE problem and his bad sexual performance can be attributed to psychological or psychosomatic factors with the nastiest and most common being stress. Only if a man climaxes too early pretty much every single time he has sex can he be classified as a premature ejaculator.

How common is PE?

Believe it or not, pretty much all men will face a PE problem at some point in their lives. This is because a bad sexual performance can be caused by all kinds of things, ranging from psychosomatic issues such as stress and performance anxiety, to physical problems and illnesses such as prostate infections. Again, it all come down to how often that problem is occurring. If a man ejaculates too soon too often, then he should definitely visit a doctor.

Is it permanent?

Definitely not! Premature ejaculation can be treated and cured. Once a man, with the help of his doctor, discovers the cause behind his lack of stamina in bed, the treatment can begin. The cures range from antibiotics, drugs and special exercises, if the problem is caused by physical issues, to behavioral adjustment and therapy sessions if the problem is psychological in nature.

I have been climaxing too early lately, what should I do?

If a man thinks that he is facing a premature ejaculation problem, he must not panic or be too embarrassed to talk about it. He should visit a doctor, preferably a urologist, in order to figure out whether the problem is physical or psychological in nature. This is very important since premature ejaculation can be a symptom of some forms of cancer, including prostate cancer. Once the doctor figures out what’s causing the issue, he will either prescribe medication and give the patient instructions on what he should and should not do from now on, if the problem is caused by physical issues, or he will refer the patient to a sex therapist or a psychologist if he determines that there is nothing physically wrong with him.go to http://www.wsugifts.org/tag/premature-ejaculation/ for more detailed information.


So there you have it. In the end of the day, premature ejaculation is not a really big deal. For more information about it, you can also click here, or visit sites like Web MD, Men’s Health. There is lots of information on this subject available on the web. All a man needs to remember, is that this nasty problem can be solved, provided that he is willing to talk about it.

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