The six most bizarre causes of stress

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Stress is kind of like a poison that enters your mind and causes all sorts of bad stuff to happen to your body. Studies have shown that men that suffer from stress and anxiety disorders are far more likely to develop heart conditions and diabetes! Most people are familiar with the main and most common causes of stress. Marital or relationship problems, deadlines and other work related issues and financial problems are the usual suspects when it comes stress and anxiety. There are also however some pretty weird causes that most men would never consider or think of. Let’s see the most important and common causes of stress that “hide in the shadows” like deadly ninjas. Let’s call them ninja causes!read more information about causes of stress on my latest blog post.

1. Sports

Yes, we all know that pretty much all men love sports and that some of them take them so seriously that they spend hours on a daily basis in order to stay up to date with the news of their favorite team and all the other teams in the league as well. Some men may not be able to name all the states of the US, but they know by heart how many trophies their favorite team has won and when. This causes some men to identify a bit too much with their favorite team, which means that watching it lose or having a bad game can be a downright traumatic experience and cause them huge amounts of stress. The more dedicated a fan is to his team, the more mentally and psychologically affected he tends to become by its losses and bad performances and the more likely it is that all this stress will result in a violent explosion. There is nothing wrong with loving your team, you should just do so in moderation.

2. Managing your household’s finances along with your wife – partner

When a couple gets married or starts living together, they usually agree to manage the household’s finances together and this causes and that can open a pretty bad can of worms as far as stress is concerned. This is because quite often the man and the woman won’t see eye to eye when it comes to how much money can be spent on what. The man may think that his partner doesn’t need another pair of shoes and she might think that he can do without the latest XBox or Playstation. The problem however that those “objections” are often left unsaid because no party wants to risk a big fight. This of course leads to stress being accumulated as both parties feel like they don’t have any control over their finances or their lives. It is very likely that all this stress will eventually lead to a huge and violent fight that will occur because of some seemingly trivial reason. It goes without saying that the worse a couple’s finances are or get, the more stress gets accumulated. In this case the “cure” is simple: TALK WITH YOUR PARTNER!

3. Deciding to get fit or exercise

This one’s a true shocker, I mean we all know that exercise is not only essential for good health, but it is also a great way to relieve some of the stress that gets accumulated because of your work and busy lifestyle. Well, it turns out that exercise can cause as much stress as your work. This is because most men simply have trouble finding the time to exercise. They know that they need to exercise on a regular basis and they want to, but they just can’t seem to find the time to do it. This means that coming up with a daily schedule that will allow you to squeeze in some hours at the gym can be just as stressing as a major work project. Keeping up with this schedule however can actually cause MORE stress as missing a workout session usually results in a frantic attempt to make up for it somehow. Experts agree that if you don’t have the time to work out at the gym, then you should try to squeeze in some short exercise sessions during your free time, like say your lunch break. You can also “sacrifice” some unhealthy habits in order to find some time to work out, a few less minutes of daily web browsing won’t hurt you!

Stress Yoga

4. Idiots

Or at least people that you consider to be idiots. Let me explain. One of the most common cause of stress is the feeling of not being in control and of being powerless and nothing brings that out more than being faced with an idiot, especially if said idiot is in a position of power. You know, or at least you think, that you can do better than those idiots or that you have the solution to their problem, but you know that they won’t listen to you and that you can’t influence them. Believe it or not, the simplest way to battle this cause is to just let those people be and maybe laugh at their perceived incompetence. Just remember the old saying: “Never argue with an idiot, they will only bring you to their level”!

5. Going bald

Losing your hair can also be a pretty big cause of stress. This is because most men feel like they are turning ugly and that their self-image and worth are severely and perhaps irreparably damaged. Low self-esteem can cause serious problems and it’s no laughing matter, even if it is caused by something as silly as going bald. A visit to the doctor can help some men deal with this problem, but in some cases, acceptance is the only solution. Hey, just look at Bruce Willis! Going bald sure did not stop him from scoring with hot women!

6. Sex

This is perhaps the strangest stressor and I didn’t know about it until I read an article on! I am not talking about the actual act of sex, but the fact that most men are worried about their performance in bed, i.e., whether their trooper will stand to attention or not and how long will it take for them to climax. This is something known as sexual performance anxiety and it can get you stuck in a pretty terrible loop. Worrying about your performance will cause you to ejaculate too early and that early ejaculation will cause you even more stress and performance anxiety, which in turn will ensure that you will climax early the next time you try to have sex etc… The key is to remember that sex is not that big a deal and you don’t need to be always anxious and stressed about it. gives you more updates and information.

Just let things happen naturally and always remember that the more you worry about something, the worse it is going to become.

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