The most horrifying effects of Premature Ejaculation

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According to many studies, the vast majority of men is worried about their performance in bed. No man wants to be called inadequate when it comes to how well he can perform sexually or to have a sexual encounter only be described as “meh, it was good” by the other party involved. For most men, being able to last long in bed is essential for them to be considered amazing lovers, which is why they consider early ejaculation to be their number one fear and worst enemy.

As it turns out they are kinda right. Repeatedly cumming too soon during intercourse can have some serious and very nasty effects on a man’s psychological state. Simply put, it can turn him into a mental wreck. Let’s see at some of the nastiest effects that premature ejaculation can have on a man.More information about Premature Ejaculation can be found right here.

● Lack of self-esteem

I think that we can all agree that sex is important, but for some men, it simply is TOO important. This of course is not weird, since we humans are animals and as far as Mother nature is concerned, one of the most “jobs” of a male animal is producing offspring. Premature ejaculation and lack of staying power in bed in general can make one feel like less of man and that can take a very serious toll on his self-esteem. Simply put, if a man is dissatisfied with his sexual performance he might feel utterly worthless and that feeling of worthlessness will fester and spread to every aspect of his life.

● Aversion towards sex

Cumming early is always somewhat embarrassing, but for some men it is way more embarrassing than it is for others. Their inability to perform as well as they think that they should, makes them feel humiliated and it causes them stress and other unpleasant feelings in general. Even if their partners are understanding and willing to help them cope with this issue, those men will still feel humiliated every time they think they underperform. This causes some of them to connect sex with those negative feelings and turn it into a source of pain and humiliation instead of one of happiness and pleasure and it can cause them to give up on sex altogether. They can’t get humiliated because they can’t rock their woman’s world as much as they feel that they should if they don’t have sex, after all…

● Excessive stress

This is where things get really complicated and ugly. Stress can cause many nasty things to the human body, including heart conditions and even chronic conditions such as diabetes, It also takes quite a heavy toll on one’s mental health and state as well. Stress is also one of the primary and most common causes of premature ejaculation. The problem however is that it also causes what is known as a vicious cycle, or a catch-22 if you prefer. Stress causes premature ejaculation problems and those same premature ejaculations cause even more stress. In other words, premature ejaculation can not only be caused by increased stress levels, but it will also make sure that those levels are constantly rising, essentially poisoning the patient’s mind and body.At you can found more information on what are the effects of PE.

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● The good news

I am sure that all of the above sound very scary to you, and they are, but there is a silver lining! Premature ejaculation is actually treatable and curable and it can be reversed, no matter what’s causing it. Just consult your doctor! I assure you, there is nothing to embarassed about. You are not alone!

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