The most fun and effective methods to get rid of stress

get rid of stress

It is a well known fact that stress is the cause of many a health problem. According to recent studies, it can cause or make worse everything from heart problems to premature ejaculation. While we pretty much all know about the most common causes of stress – work, deadlines, debts, etc – and even some of the weird ones, such as one’s favorite team losing, we seem to not know much about how to relieve stress.

The truth is that getting rid of stress is actually really easy and in most cases, very fun! This is because some of the most effective stress relieving activities are very fun and beneficial and can even become one’s new favorite hobby! So, without further ado, here are some of the most effective and fun ways and activities to relieve your daily stress:

1. Breathing exercises

Those exercises are really simple and easy to perform and they can be performed pretty much anywhere and at any time. All one has to do is simply take slow, deep and deliberate breaths. He or she has to breathe in slowly as deeply as possible , hold in the breath for a few seconds and then slowly breathe it out again. Repeating this process a few times will essentially guarantee relaxation and will make all the stress leave your body.

2. Guided imagery

I think we all know that meditating, ie shutting out the “outside world” and focusing on our feelings and thoughts, is one of the best relaxation methods. It is made a lot easier and more effective though once you have an image to meditate to. This image can either be an actual image or photo of a place that you find relaxing, or a mental image. Just do your breathing exercises in conjunction with imagining your happy or safe place and you will be rid of your stress in no time!

3. Exercise

Believe it or not, working out is one of the best ways to relieve stress. The reason for that is that your mind and body finds an outlet to unleash or that pent up stress and anxiety. Exercising is also necessary for staying fit and healthy, which means that you essentially get the best of both worlds. It’s like what the ancient Greeks used to say: a healthy mind in a healthy body.

4. Sex

Yes, one’s sexual performance can be adversely affected by stress, but having sex is also one of the best ways of relieving stress. sex has many physical benefits for the body and most of them are great for dealing with stress. The problem however is that people tend to avoid sex when they are feeling stressed. While this sounds logical, since you are not “firing on all cylinders” when you are having sex while being stressed, sex will help you relieve that stress. Sure, you may not be able to last as long as you would like, but you will feel very relieved once you’re done.

5. Hypnosis

When we hear the term “hypnosis”, most of us think about a guy in a top hat and a tuxedo that will make you “quack like a duck” by swinging an old timey watch in front of your face. The truth however that hypnosis is used by many psychologists and psychiatrists as a method of “communicating” directly with the subconscious of a patient. This kakes hypnosis one of the best ways to help you give up a bad habit and one of the best and most effective relaxation methods out there. If you can’t afford to visit an expert, they tend to be quite effective, you can always try one of the many self hypnosis CDs and MP3s out there.

6. Muscle relaxation

This method can be really fun! While it sounds a bit too complicated, it really isn’t. All it requires you to do is tense some of your muscles, keep the tensed and then relax them. The most fun way to do that is with the muscles in your face. Just make the funniest grimace that you can think of, hold it for a few minutes and then relax. You can even have a competition with your kids or your partner! Once your tensed muscles start relaxing, you will feel your stress leaving your body along with your tension.

get rid of stress

As you can see, keeping stress and the nasty stuff that come along with it away from your life is not hard. It can be pretty fun! Just pick any of the above methods and stick to it and believe me, your future self will be high fiving you!

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