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Stress as we all know is pretty much toxic. Although it is a state of mind rather than an actual illness or a harmful substance, it can cause some very nasty and significant problems in your body and your life. It has been known to significantly increase the risk of some diseases and medical conditions appearing, including stomach ulcers and even diabetes, and it is known for affecting various factors of your everyday life, including things like your temper and even your sexual performance.

It is therefore essential to find ways to relieve your stress and get rid of it altogether. Let’s have a quick look then at some of the best and simplest stress relief methods.

● Meditation

Meditating on a daily basis will help you become more relaxed and it will also allow your body to become more resistant as far as the accumulation of stress is concerned. Here’s a quick and easy meditation technique:

– Sit up straight with both your feet on the floor and your eyes closed.

– Focus your mind and all your energy on reciting a positive mantra. Something like “I am great”, “I feel really peaceful”, “I love myself” should do the trick.

– Place one of your hands on your belly and synchronize the recitation of your mantras with your breathing.

– Feel any distracting and stressful thoughts evaporate from your mind.

● Taking deep breaths

Believe it or not, taking really slow and deliberate deep breaths works wonders as far as stress relief is concerned. This is because this process will slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure, which in turn will counter the effects of stress on your body. Here’s an easy deep breathing relaxation technique:for more information on how to relieve stress go straight from the original post.

– Sit up straight with your eyes closed and one of your hands on your belly.

– Take a slow and deep breath through your nose and focus on feeling the breath travel all the way from your head to your abdomen.

– Hold in the breath for a few seconds and then exhale slowly through your mouth and focus on feeling the air travel from your belly to your mouth.

– Repeat the process for at least five minutes.

● Communicate

One of the best ways to get rid of stress is to simply talk about what you think is stressing you out with something. A lot of people don’t realize that and they choose to keep whatever is causing them to feel stressed to themselves. This is really wrong since it allows the problem to fester and become bigger and more serious. Just talk about your stress face to face or even over the phone or Skype with a friend, a loved one or even a mental health professional. Getting things off your chest, as the saying goes, will make you feel relieved and you might even get some useful pointers and advice that will help you deal with your issues.

● Release the tension

Stress can sometimes manifest itself physically. Have you ever tried to rub the back of your neck and shoulders and felt the presence of “knots” there? Well, this is just tension created by stress. Here’s how to release it:

– Take a warm towel or a warmer and wrap it around your neck and shoulders for around ten minutes.

– Close your eyes and try to relax as much as possible. You should start to feel the muscles in your face and shoulders start to relax as well.

– Remove the towel or wrap and get a tennis ball or a foam massage ball and start massaging away any leftover tension and “knots”.go to for more details.


● Listen to relaxing music

Slow and relaxing music can also help you relax and drive away stress from your body.

– Make a playlist with soothing and relaxing music, no Metallica or Slayer songs.

– Just close your eyes and focus on the tunes and the sound.

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