How to beat performance anxiety and last longer in bed!

beat performance anxiety

Perhaps the most important cause of PE is stress which is why one of the the 6 steps to beat PE is learning how to relax. I think that by now you should know that pretty much any kind of stress can cause a man to cum early, but there is one particular type of stress that pretty much guarantees an early ejaculation. I am talking about sexual performance anxiety related stress or what is known as performance anxiety. In other words, if you worry about how long you are gonna last in the sack, then you pretty much guarantee that you will not last as long as you want.

Why is that though? Well, this is because your brain may be marvelous, but it is also pretty dumb sometimes. When you worry about something happening, in this case a premature ejaculation, it thinks that this is something that you WANT to happen, so when the time comes, it will actually make it happen. This is why if you are always thinking about your sexual performance and judging it as inadequate, you basically guarantee that it will be inadequate. In other words, it pretty much is all in your mind.

How do you beat that problem?

Well, the answer is really simple: stop worrying about your sexual performance! Be casual when it comes to sex, don’t think of it as a big deal, as something that you HAVE to be good at. The less you think about it, the less you will worry about it and the less you worry about it, the more it will take you to ejaculate. It is really that simple!

But what if I have sex with a new partner?

Well, now you are talking about another form of performance anxiety. When some men like a woman too much, then the only thing they can think of is having sex with her and cumming. When the time comes to actually have sex with that woman, they are only able to last a few seconds inside her. The reason why this is happening is the same as with “regular” performance anxiety: you think about sex and cumming with that woman so hard and so often that your brain assumes that what you really wanna do with her is to cum inside her, so it makes it happen as soon as possible. Your brain is just trying to make you happy, it’s just doing it the wrong way.

OK, so what can I do about it?

Just don’t think about sex with her all the time. Don’t make sex with her such a big deal. Don’t think that cumming with that woman is something really special or something that will only happen once on a lifetime. Again, the less you think about sex with a particular partner and how great it will be, the more you will be able to control when you cum. Just try and relax and act casually!

performance anxiety

What to take out of this

What you always need to remember is that sex is something completely natural. It is not a big deal, nor is it something that you need to worry about all the time. Don’t worry about it too much. Just let things flow and nature will take care of the rest! The hard thing is actually finding a partner to have sex with, once that part is over, the rest is completely natural and very easy. Just let nature and your body do their job and relax! The more relaxed and the less worried you are, the longer your performance will be!

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