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Just how bad is stress anyway? Prepare to be shocked!

how bad is stress anyway

I am sure that we all have heard at some point that “stress is bad”, but just how bad is it? What can it cause? Well, according to many studies it can actually be quite detrimental to to your health since it can cause some very serious problems or make some that already exist way,

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The most fun and effective methods to get rid of stress

get rid of stress

It is a well known fact that stress is the cause of many a health problem. According to recent studies, it can cause or make worse everything from heart problems to premature ejaculation. While we pretty much all know about the most common causes of stress – work, deadlines, debts, etc – and even some

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Why most men don’t talk about PE and why you shouldn’t be like them!

men don’t talk about PE

Premature ejaculation is a condition that brings with it a sort of stigma. People afflicted by it are ashamed of the fact and they choose to not talk about it to anyone, even to their doctors. This is the main reason why finding out how many men face this issue is so difficult. Scientists all

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How porn can affect the way you view sex and make you cum early.

affect the way you view sex

When it comes to sex, most men learn about it not by reading science books and journals or through biology at school, but by watching porn when they are teenagers. In fact, thanks to the internet, finding and watching porn is now easier and quicker than ever. The problem with this is that men simply

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How to beat performance anxiety and last longer in bed!

beat performance anxiety

Perhaps the most important cause of PE is stress which is why one of the the 6 steps to beat PE is learning how to relax. I think that by now you should know that pretty much any kind of stress can cause a man to cum early, but there is one particular type of

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