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Worried about your sexual performance? Here are the causes of Premature Ejaculation


If there is one thing that men are always worried about when it comes to sex, is not being able to last long enough in bed to sexually satisfy their partner, which is why they are always looking for ways how to last longer in bed. All men consider themselves “stallions” and they simply …

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What everybody ought to know about Premature Ejaculation


Just upon hearing the term “premature ejaculation”, most men will get cold sweat or feel shivers down their spine. When it comes to sex, not being able to last long enough in bed is pretty much every man’s worst nightmare and it can have some pretty nasty effects on aspects of their lives …

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The six most bizarre causes of stress

Stress Yoga

Stress is kind of like a poison that enters your mind and causes all sorts of bad stuff to happen to your body. Studies have shown that men that suffer from stress and anxiety disorders are far more likely to develop heart conditions and diabetes! Most people are familiar with the main and most common …

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The most horrifying effects of Premature Ejaculation

unhappy man2

According to many studies, the vast majority of men is worried about their performance in bed. No man wants to be called inadequate when it comes to how well he can perform sexually or to have a sexual encounter only be described as “meh, it was good” by the other party involved. For most …

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See how easily you can relieve stress and relax


Stress as we all know is pretty much toxic. Although it is a state of mind rather than an actual illness or a harmful substance, it can cause some very nasty and significant problems in your body and your life. It has been known to significantly increase the risk of some diseases and medical …

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