How important are ABDL clothes to the ABDL?

adult baby

An Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL) is someone who enjoys combining the experience of being an adult baby with wearing diapers, and is very much open to interpretation and personal preference.

In contrast to most other fetishes, there is a wide range of male clothing available in the ABDL world. For instance, typical gear might include bibs, onesies, rompers, jeans (with that all-important extra stretch to make room for your adult diapers), shorts and dungarees. For women, the collections seem to be more limited to socks, onesies and pyjamas. However, ranges designed for those more into Daddy Dom / Little Girl (DDLG) play might hold some good clothes to fit the occasion in ABDL.

The significance ABDL clothes will often depend on the day – some days, an ABDL might want to wear jeans and bright tshirts with superheroes on them. On these days, he might go to the park or go shopping. Other days, he might not want to leave his romper. He might sulk in his room, or stomp around the house.

One important element of any ABDL clothes range encompasses the sensory experience that comes with this kind of play. We are talking the kind of soft, fluffy clothes that make us naturally feel very cosy and cared for. Popping on a bib might also be taken as a symbol of care and protection – steps that the guardian figure has taken to look after them.

Plastic lining in some ABDL clothes can also provide some security against leaks and provide a sensual experience for those aroused by the plastic textures. Furthermore, the knowledge that their diaper is secure in this lining is hugely important for an ABDL. As above, the focus in this role play is more about caregiving and protection than it is about sexual gratification. However, some elements do naturally take an effect on some people.

So, how do people choose what to wear? General consensus in DDLG shows that littles don´t focus too heavily on what they want to wear, but rather on what their daddy wants them to wear. It´s a little different for ABDLs, and sometimes they may even try to rebel at what has been picked out for them. For good behaviour, they may even be awarded with the choice.

However, the majority of ABDLs have to go out and buy the gear themselves. They might pick a certain colour or a style that helps them to fully immerse themselves in the character. It might have been their favourite colour when they were at school, or a similar style that they wore at their (play) age. Velcro strap shoes and dungarees are usually some staple wardrobe pieces.LB-013TP模特图1

It appears then, that clothes are not all that important to the ABDL. This is reinforced by the weight that the childlike behaviour crries in this kind of role play. Acting childish is more important than the ABDL clothes. This makes even more sense when you take into consideration the fact that a lot of ABDL play is nonsexual, thus clothing will naturally hold less importance when it comes to achieving goals.

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Just how bad is stress anyway? Prepare to be shocked!

how bad is stress anyway

I am sure that we all have heard at some point that “stress is bad”, but just how bad is it? What can it cause? Well, according to many studies it can actually be quite detrimental to to your health since it can cause some very serious problems or make some that already exist way, way worse. If you’d like to get a little more specific though, here are the worst consequences of stress on the human body.

● Heart disease

When it comes to causes of death, heart disease is second only to cancer. For many years scientists have been seeing a correlation between stress and and heart disease. In other words, people who tend to be really stressed because of their work or lifestyle, are afflicted by heart disease way less often than “relaxed” people.

What scientists can’t agree on however, is the reason for that correlation. Some say that stress affects the heart physically and directly, while others claim that it causes harm to it indirectly since stress causes people to smoke and / or overeat. Regardless of the real reason however, the connection is there.

● Obesity

Obesity is again a very dangerous “condition” that is known to cause many serious health issues. Stress can cause it both directly and indirectly. A lot of people will eat more than usual when they are feeling stressed and what’s worse, they will turn to so called “comfort food” such as ice cream and chocolate.

This of course causes them to become fat and obese. Researchers have also discovered that when under stress, the body will produce excess quantities of a hormone called Cortisol and this leads to extra fat being stored in the abdomen. in other words, stress gives you a fat belly.

● Diabetes

Stress can’t actually cause diabetes, but it can make it worse. It can eve do so in two different ways. Stress is known to increase the likelihood of behaviors that are quite detrimental to people suffering from diabetes, such as excess drinking and eating. Stress has also been proven to directly raise the glucose levels of people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

● Depression

I think that the fact that stress is connected to chronic depression and anxiety should surprise no one. Recent studies however have shown that people who experience too much work related stress are a whopping 80% more likely to develop depression that people who don’t experience as much stress.

● Asthma

Asthma can be made much worse by stress. What’s really frightening however is the fact that the mother’s stress can actually cause asthma to her children while they are in the womb. It has been proven that children with stressed out parents are way more likely to develop asthma than kids with more “relaxed” parents.

● Alzheimer’s disease

One recent study done on animals has shown that stress can actually make Alzheimer’s disease appear and develop much sooner and quicker than usual. This is because stress causes the brain lesions that cause the disease to appear more quickly.

how bad is stress anyway

● Accelerated aging

Ever heard someone say that age makes you go old faster? Well, as it turns out they were right. A research done on mothers under high stress, they were caring for chronically ill children, showed that they age quicker than mothers who are not under as much stress.

The researchers found that a particular region of the chromosomes of the stressed out mothers was aging a lot faster than that of the stress free mothers. They even calculated that stress mothers were technically 9 to 17 years “older” than the stress free mothers that were of the same ages.

The point of this article is not to fill you with doom and gloom. Nor is it to say that we are all gonna die because of stress. There is a silver lining to all this! Getting rid of stress is actually really easy and it can also be fun. Just find out the stress relief method that works best for you, there are many out there, and kick it out of your life. Don’t become a statistic on a government chart!

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The most fun and effective methods to get rid of stress

get rid of stress

It is a well known fact that stress is the cause of many a health problem. According to recent studies, it can cause or make worse everything from heart problems to premature ejaculation. While we pretty much all know about the most common causes of stress – work, deadlines, debts, etc – and even some of the weird ones, such as one’s favorite team losing, we seem to not know much about how to relieve stress.

The truth is that getting rid of stress is actually really easy and in most cases, very fun! This is because some of the most effective stress relieving activities are very fun and beneficial and can even become one’s new favorite hobby! So, without further ado, here are some of the most effective and fun ways and activities to relieve your daily stress:

1. Breathing exercises

Those exercises are really simple and easy to perform and they can be performed pretty much anywhere and at any time. All one has to do is simply take slow, deep and deliberate breaths. He or she has to breathe in slowly as deeply as possible , hold in the breath for a few seconds and then slowly breathe it out again. Repeating this process a few times will essentially guarantee relaxation and will make all the stress leave your body.

2. Guided imagery

I think we all know that meditating, ie shutting out the “outside world” and focusing on our feelings and thoughts, is one of the best relaxation methods. It is made a lot easier and more effective though once you have an image to meditate to. This image can either be an actual image or photo of a place that you find relaxing, or a mental image. Just do your breathing exercises in conjunction with imagining your happy or safe place and you will be rid of your stress in no time!

3. Exercise

Believe it or not, working out is one of the best ways to relieve stress. The reason for that is that your mind and body finds an outlet to unleash or that pent up stress and anxiety. Exercising is also necessary for staying fit and healthy, which means that you essentially get the best of both worlds. It’s like what the ancient Greeks used to say: a healthy mind in a healthy body.

4. Sex

Yes, one’s sexual performance can be adversely affected by stress, but having sex is also one of the best ways of relieving stress. sex has many physical benefits for the body and most of them are great for dealing with stress. The problem however is that people tend to avoid sex when they are feeling stressed. While this sounds logical, since you are not “firing on all cylinders” when you are having sex while being stressed, sex will help you relieve that stress. Sure, you may not be able to last as long as you would like, but you will feel very relieved once you’re done.

5. Hypnosis

When we hear the term “hypnosis”, most of us think about a guy in a top hat and a tuxedo that will make you “quack like a duck” by swinging an old timey watch in front of your face. The truth however that hypnosis is used by many psychologists and psychiatrists as a method of “communicating” directly with the subconscious of a patient. This kakes hypnosis one of the best ways to help you give up a bad habit and one of the best and most effective relaxation methods out there. If you can’t afford to visit an expert, they tend to be quite effective, you can always try one of the many self hypnosis CDs and MP3s out there.

6. Muscle relaxation

This method can be really fun! While it sounds a bit too complicated, it really isn’t. All it requires you to do is tense some of your muscles, keep the tensed and then relax them. The most fun way to do that is with the muscles in your face. Just make the funniest grimace that you can think of, hold it for a few minutes and then relax. You can even have a competition with your kids or your partner! Once your tensed muscles start relaxing, you will feel your stress leaving your body along with your tension.

get rid of stress

As you can see, keeping stress and the nasty stuff that come along with it away from your life is not hard. It can be pretty fun! Just pick any of the above methods and stick to it and believe me, your future self will be high fiving you!

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Why most men don’t talk about PE and why you shouldn’t be like them!

men don’t talk about PE

Premature ejaculation is a condition that brings with it a sort of stigma. People afflicted by it are ashamed of the fact and they choose to not talk about it to anyone, even to their doctors. This is the main reason why finding out how many men face this issue is so difficult. Scientists all over the world openly admit that coming up with exact numbers is really difficult because men simply won’t talk to them about it. Even if complete discretion and and anonymity is guaranteed. This is why it is known as a “silent” epidemic.

The problem is that not talking about this issue will cause it to “fester” inside you and that will only make it get worse and much harder to deal with. What is it that causes this silence though? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons:

1. Most men think it’s irreversible

A lot of men think that once premature ejaculation rears its ugly head, there is nothing that can be done about it. They think that it’s a problem that will stay with them for the rest of their lives and they choose to not talk about it in order to save their face and dignity. In other words, they act just like some people that are diagnosed with terminal diseases: they don’t want people to feel sorry for them.

2. They think that it makes them lesser men

Since most men don’t know how EXTREMELY common early ejaculation issues are, when a man gets affected by a problem of this nature, he assumes that he is one of the very few people that this has happened to. Most men think that this happened because there is something wrong with them. Something that makes them lesser men and that will make other men, and women, laugh at them or pity them. after all, if you can’t satisfy your girlfriend or partner, then it’s time to “turn in your man-card”, right? Which brings us to the next reason.

3. They fear ridicule

Again, since men don’t know how common this problem is, they worry that other men will regard them as freaks. They think that if they talk about this problem with their friends that they will instantly start laughing and making fun of them. Once again, this is caused by the misconception that premature ejaculation is not a common problem.

men don’t talk about PE

Is there any truth to those reasons?

The short answer is of course no.

  • Premature ejaculation is NOT irreversible. It is most commonly caused by psychological factors such as stress and performance anxiety and it can be reversed. All that needs to be done is figuring out the root of the problem and this can only be done by talking to an expert.
  • Premature ejaculation is EXTREMELY common. It is by far the most common that men under the age of 40 face in bed and according to some studies, more than 50% of men will experience premature ejaculation problems at some point in their lives.

Premature ejaculation is a very common problem. There isn’t and there shouldn’t be any sort of stigma associated with it. If you think that you have early ejaculation problems then always remember that you are not the only and by all means TALK ABOUT THEM! No man is ever going to judge you or make fun of you because of this issue, because there is a good chance that tomorrow he will be in your shoes. What you should always remember is that premature ejaculation problems CAN be solved, but you need to find out their cause first. The only way to do that, is by talking about them with experts and even your friends. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be ashamed. Click here to find more.

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How porn can affect the way you view sex and make you cum early.

affect the way you view sex

When it comes to sex, most men learn about it not by reading science books and journals or through biology at school, but by watching porn when they are teenagers. In fact, thanks to the internet, finding and watching porn is now easier and quicker than ever. The problem with this is that men simply don’t learn about sex the right way and they get a distorted and very unrealistic image of what sex is and what it should be like.

Now, I am sure that most men know that pizza delivery men don’t usually get tipped “in kind” or that if their girlfriends catch them in the act of cheating their reaction won’t be joining in the fun. What most men don’t seem to know or understand however, is that when it comes to the act itself, i.e. sex, what they are actually seeing is not a documentary or something that was shot in real time and presented “as is”. Just like any other movie, good old “movie magic” plays a huge part in making porn movies enjoyable.

This magic however could lead to men having totally distorted and unrealistic expectations regarding their sexual performance, something that I found out about in

One of the most common causes of premature ejaculation is performance anxiety, which can be defined as worrying about not being to perform sexually or worrying about one’s sexual performance being less than adequate. One of the main causes of performance anxiety is basing sexual performance expectations on unrealistic “models” and depictions. When it comes to unrealistic depictions of sexual performance, porn movies are the uncontested winners. Here are some of the “secrets” behind the superhuman sexual performance or porn stars.

Clever editing

Believe it or not, most of the times the person you see finish a sexual act in a porn movie, is not the same one who started it! Just like ordinary movies, pron movies have their own “stuntmen” that fill in for the protagonist. It all comes down to digital effects and clever editing to make you believe that what you are seeing all went down in one take. What I am sure you didn’t know, is that when it comes to technical innovation, especially when it concerns piracy and editing, the porn industry is MILES ahead of Hollywood!


How do those porn stars manage to stay hard for so long? Well, once again the answer is simple: there are people whose only job is to make sure that the male stars stay hard between takes, provided that there aren’t any other actors to stand in for them. Those people are known as “fluffers” and they are usually prostitutes or they work in the so called sex industry. Their job is to keep the stars erect in between takes by providing them with handjobs and blowjobs and anything else they’d like. Again, NEVER assume that what you are seeing is the result of a single take.

Porn stars use all the latest drugs

There are some scenes that are shot in one take, but in those cases the stars usually take all sorts of “performance enhancing” drugs like viagra in order to stay erect for the duration. Since they are actors, they can also cum at some point and simply pretend like it didn’t happen because their penis won’t go limp afterwards, because of the drugs that they have taken. Most of the drugs they are using are commercially available, but they are also pretty expensive.

affect the way you view sex

Men and women aren’t always “ready to go”

Another thing that men tend to assume after watching too much porn is that men don’t get erections at a drop of a hat. Again, what you are seeing is the result of editing and special effects or drugs.

So, is it bad for men and teenagers to watch porn? Probably not, but they should ALWAYS remember that they are watching a movie. In other words, what they are seeing is just as realistic as that scene in Commando where Arnold Schwarzenegger single-handedly kills an army of bad guys that are constantly shooting at him and missing! In other words, don’t base your sexual expectations on products of the entertainment industry!

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How to beat performance anxiety and last longer in bed!

beat performance anxiety

Perhaps the most important cause of PE is stress which is why one of the the 6 steps to beat PE is learning how to relax. I think that by now you should know that pretty much any kind of stress can cause a man to cum early, but there is one particular type of stress that pretty much guarantees an early ejaculation. I am talking about sexual performance anxiety related stress or what is known as performance anxiety. In other words, if you worry about how long you are gonna last in the sack, then you pretty much guarantee that you will not last as long as you want.

Why is that though? Well, this is because your brain may be marvelous, but it is also pretty dumb sometimes. When you worry about something happening, in this case a premature ejaculation, it thinks that this is something that you WANT to happen, so when the time comes, it will actually make it happen. This is why if you are always thinking about your sexual performance and judging it as inadequate, you basically guarantee that it will be inadequate. In other words, it pretty much is all in your mind.

How do you beat that problem?

Well, the answer is really simple: stop worrying about your sexual performance! Be casual when it comes to sex, don’t think of it as a big deal, as something that you HAVE to be good at. The less you think about it, the less you will worry about it and the less you worry about it, the more it will take you to ejaculate. It is really that simple!

But what if I have sex with a new partner?

Well, now you are talking about another form of performance anxiety. When some men like a woman too much, then the only thing they can think of is having sex with her and cumming. When the time comes to actually have sex with that woman, they are only able to last a few seconds inside her. The reason why this is happening is the same as with “regular” performance anxiety: you think about sex and cumming with that woman so hard and so often that your brain assumes that what you really wanna do with her is to cum inside her, so it makes it happen as soon as possible. Your brain is just trying to make you happy, it’s just doing it the wrong way.

OK, so what can I do about it?

Just don’t think about sex with her all the time. Don’t make sex with her such a big deal. Don’t think that cumming with that woman is something really special or something that will only happen once on a lifetime. Again, the less you think about sex with a particular partner and how great it will be, the more you will be able to control when you cum. Just try and relax and act casually!

performance anxiety

What to take out of this

What you always need to remember is that sex is something completely natural. It is not a big deal, nor is it something that you need to worry about all the time. Don’t worry about it too much. Just let things flow and nature will take care of the rest! The hard thing is actually finding a partner to have sex with, once that part is over, the rest is completely natural and very easy. Just let nature and your body do their job and relax! The more relaxed and the less worried you are, the longer your performance will be!

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Worried about your sexual performance? Here are the causes of Premature Ejaculation


If there is one thing that men are always worried about when it comes to sex, is not being able to last long enough in bed to sexually satisfy their partner, which is why they are always looking for ways how to last longer in bed. All men consider themselves “stallions” and they simply can’t bear the thought of leaving one of their sexual partners unsatisfied after what should have been a hot night of steamy sex. This lack of sexual stamina is generally referred to as premature ejaculation and it is way more common than you may think.

I know that upon reading the last sentence of the above paragraph there is probably one very big question in your mind: “what can cause me to have a chain of bad performances in bed?”. Well, the answer to that question is not that simple, this is because there are many things that can cause early ejaculation issues. With that being said, let’s have a look at the most common causes of the problem. Read More »

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What everybody ought to know about Premature Ejaculation


Just upon hearing the term “premature ejaculation”, most men will get cold sweat or feel shivers down their spine. When it comes to sex, not being able to last long enough in bed is pretty much every man’s worst nightmare and it can have some pretty nasty effects on aspects of their lives other than sex. The funny thing however is that although most men are “afraid” of premature ejaculation, they know very little about this problem. This is because sexual performance is very important to men and if they think that something is wrong with their sexual prowess or that their performance in the sack is not up to par, they choose to not tell anyone about it. Read More »

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The six most bizarre causes of stress

Stress Yoga

Stress is kind of like a poison that enters your mind and causes all sorts of bad stuff to happen to your body. Studies have shown that men that suffer from stress and anxiety disorders are far more likely to develop heart conditions and diabetes! Most people are familiar with the main and most common causes of stress. Marital or relationship problems, deadlines and other work related issues and financial problems are the usual suspects when it comes stress and anxiety. There are also however some pretty weird causes that most men would never consider or think of. Let’s see the most important and common causes of stress that “hide in the shadows” like deadly ninjas. Let’s call them ninja causes!read more information about causes of stress on my latest blog post. Read More »

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The most horrifying effects of Premature Ejaculation

unhappy man2

According to many studies, the vast majority of men is worried about their performance in bed. No man wants to be called inadequate when it comes to how well he can perform sexually or to have a sexual encounter only be described as “meh, it was good” by the other party involved. For most men, being able to last long in bed is essential for them to be considered amazing lovers, which is why they consider early ejaculation to be their number one fear and worst enemy. Read More »

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